The Galaxie Jewelers

We here at Galaxie Jewelers bought this house in 1984 for our permanent location. It's a 1933 bungalow that we completely renovated into a quaint retail jewelry store.

This gives the store the look we were looking for. When you walk in through our doors you get the feeling of walking into an early American homes’ parlor that happens to have showcases full of unique jewelry.

We spent 5 years collecting the showcases and furniture for the store. We searched all over the south, from Eureka Springs, Arkansas to Pasadena, Texas. Our showcases range from 1869 to 1900’s and were completely restored by the owners.

Galaxie Jewelers designed this store to give the customer a more relaxed atmosphere. It doesn't hurt that we enjoy designing our jewelry in the same atmosphere.


Galaxie Jewelers Storefront

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